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Mr Halliwell, Executive Headteacher

Mr Halliwell is an experienced Headteacher with 10 years of Headship experience.  He is currently an Executive Headteacher leading Heathfield, Turnham and Applegarth Academies.  As part of his wider STEP role he is also Director of Leadership Development for the Trust.  Mr Halliwell has taken on many roles over his time in schools and has taught every primary year group.

Mrs Atkinson, Headteacher
Mrs Atkinson is an experienced school leader who has been teaching for the last 22 years. Mrs Atkinson started her teaching career in Hertfordshire but has been in Croydon since 2004, and was Deputy Headteacher at Wolsey Junior Academy before taking up the role of  Headteacher. She completed her NPQH in 2007. Prior to this, Mrs Atkinson was Deputy Headteacher at Gonville Academy, and was involved in the development of STEP Academy Trust. She has a track record of raising standards and is passionate about ensuring all children are given an opportunity to achieve their full potential. Mrs Atkinson is excited by the opportunity to lead Heathfield Academy and is committed to ensuring that all of the children will have access to an outstanding education.

Miss Mackay,  Assistant Headteacher
Miss Mackay is an outstanding Early Years teacher and has worked at schools in Croydon and Surrey. Miss Mackay studied Sociology at The University of Birmingham focusing on family and education. After her undergraduate degree, Miss Mackay went on to complete her Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Goldsmiths University in London, gaining qualified teacher status in 2013. Miss Mackay is extremely passionate about Early Years and is thrilled to be leading the team, working together to give children the best possible start to a successful and enjoyable education.

Miss Stewart, SENDCo
With the aim of becoming a Primary School Teacher, Miss Stewart obtained a BA in Education/History at the University of Roehampton and continued her studies to achieve a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.
Miss Stewart developed an interest in the area of SEND after teaching for almost a decade in a large mainstream primary school, where a significantly high percentage of pupils had Special Educational Needs.  Teaching in this environment nurtured a total commitment to pursue her career in this field.  Miss Stewart's subsequent placements have included Specialist Teacher, Intervention Teacher and Advisory Teacher roles in both mainstream and SEND settings.
At Heathfield Academy, Miss Stewart will endeavour to ensure that all children receive the right support at the right time, in order to become enthusiastic learners.  She recognises the importance of the role of parents and places a high value on developing strong partnerships with families.

Mrs Edwards, Business Manager
Mrs Edwards started her career as a Learning Support Assistant at Gonville Academy, part of STEP Academy Trust eleven years ago. Mrs Edwards became part of the Gonville office team in 2012. She is extremely excited to be the Business Manager for Heathfield Academy. Mrs Edwards is passionate about making sure Heathfield Academy is a happy, inviting school, where every child matters.

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Mrs Austin, Administrative Officer
Mrs Austin’s background is mainly in customer services and Housing, however she also spent eleven years working as a Sessional Youth Worker around London. After having her youngest child, she decided that she wanted to work with children in a school. Before joining Heathfield Academy, Mrs Austin spent 3 years working as an Exams and Cover Assistant at a school in Marylebone. She is looking forward to developing her role and assisting in the growth and development of Heathfield Academy.

Mrs Ammantoola, Administrative Officer
Mrs Ammantoola previously worked for the Civil Service for 10 years. When her second child started primary education, she decided to work in a school. Before joining Heathfield Academy, Mrs Ammantoola spent 3 years in a primary school in Croydon. She is keen on developing her expertise in admin and to fully support the growth and development of Heathfield Academy.