Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Heathfield Academy is committed to improving the life chances of all children. Where we have the capacity to make a difference we are morally bound to do so.

STEP Values

We also recognise our STEP values, which are shared across our academy trust. We teach children that these are our family values.
They are:

Passion: Passionate about learning
Devoted to making a difference.
Urgency: We recognise the importance of every moment
A moment wasted is lost forever.
Positivity: We spread positivity to all around us
Encourage, support and appreciate one another.
Aspiration: We dare to be great
No one gets left behind, the sky is the limit.
Commitment: We are committed to improving and progressing
Never give up on your goals and dreams.

Our Vision

To improve the life chances of our children by providing an outstanding education so that they reach their full potential and lead successful lives.

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Our Motto

‘Working together, we will achieve’

Our Aims

We aim to make our children’s learning experiences varied and inclusive; raising standards, particularly in English and Mathematics, remains our main objective. Although we place particular emphasis on the acquisition of basic skills, we also have great provision for sport and the performing arts.

  • Inspire creativity by promoting and fostering the confidence to take risks, celebrate each other’s individuality and develop imagination.
  • Promote health and sustainability so that our children recognise the need to work together to protect the natural world, knowing that their actions today can make a difference to the future.
  • To produce honest children who have integrity and sound personal values such as respect and an awareness of the needs of others.
  • Foster skills across the curriculum, so that our children are able to combine skills and knowledge in order to become successful learners.
  • Instil aspiration in everyone so that they reach their full potential and strive beyond.
  • Foster resilience by creating a safe environment for all members of our community through building self- esteem and developing a supportive culture where asking for help and never giving up are valued.
  • Encourage positive communication between all members of the school community, so that children learn that collaboration and empathy are essential in order to build successful relationships.
  • Widen our vision of the world and create a sense of belonging by promoting an awareness of and pride in diverse cultures to unite our children as a community of responsible global citizens

We aim to make Heathfield a happy school, where the success of every child matters. Indeed, it is the children who will make our Academy such a special place. We welcome the opportunity to meet with prospective parents and carers. If you would like to meet us to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy office.