Parent Governor Vacancy


As you may be aware, the Department for Education (DfE) allows Academy Trusts to establish an Academy Committee that is responsible for two or more academies. The Academy Committee of Heathfield Academy also has the responsibility for Gonville Academy and Benedict Academy, part of STEP Academy Trust.

There is currently one vacancy for a Parent Governor to serve on the Academy Committee of Heathfield, Gonville and Benedict Academies. We are very keen to encourage parents (or people with parental responsibility) of registered pupils to nominate themselves to fill this place. (Candidates who are elected members of political parties are not eligible due to potential conflicts of interest).

Parent Governors are elected by and from other parents and are vital to our Academy Committee. They share equally with other STEP Governors the responsibility for carrying out the Academy Committee’s wide range of responsibilities. STEP Governors do not run the Academy day-to-day, as their role is at the strategic or policy-making level in the Academy.

To make our Academy Committee as efficient as possible, our current Governors have run a skills audit of the Board and have identified an area that needs to be strengthened. This is: safeguarding. It is not a requirement that you have these skills to join the Academy Committee, but an expertise and experience in safeguarding would be greatly valued.

If you join our Academy Committee, you will serve for a four-year term, and you can continue to the end of the four years even if your child/children leave the Academy. Being a STEP Governor does take up time. There are five or six Academy Committee meetings each year and you will need to set aside time to be able to be an effective STEP Governor; to prepare for meetings, for visiting the Academies, undertaking training, etc.

Any parents/carers interested in being a STEP Governor can collect an Application Pack from the Academy Office and should make an appointment with Miss Mackay, Head of School to discuss the role.