Our uniform policy reflects our values and reinforces our school’s culture of high expectations and academic achievement. All pupils must dress according to the uniform policy.

Our School Uniform is important to us. It is one way in which we identify ourselves as a school community and it promotes a strong, cohesive school identity which supports high standards and expectations in all areas of school life. It promotes harmony between different groups represented in the school, and it enhances security.

Smartness and high standards of appearance are expected at all times.

We have a required school uniform for several reasons:

  • Uniforms unite the school. Pupils make a commitment that when they put on their Heathfield Academy uniform they will abide by the rules of the community.
  • Uniforms reduce distractions. We are focused on achieving success. When pupils are allowed to wear their own clothing, there is the potential to talk about fashions and styles rather than learning.
  • Uniforms make us all equal. Whether families have high incomes or low incomes, the pupils come to school looking the same way. No one has to feel bad about the clothes they have or don’t have.
  • Uniforms look professional. Pupils look neat and ready to learn. We ask parents and carers to support all decisions by school staff regarding whether or not clothing is appropriate or inappropriate for school.

Skirts and pinafores need to be dark grey



These items can be worn by boys and girls. Large side pockets are to be avoided.

Outdoor clothing
Children should bring a coat to school each day, apart from during the hotter weather. Hats and scarves should not to be worn inside the school building.

Bags and belongings
A book bag with the Heathfield logo is needed for carrying books, homework, letters and other materials to and from school. Rucksacks and large bags should not be brought into school.

A PE bag with the Heathfield Academy logo is also available for carrying PE kit to and from school.

Pupils must wear closed-toed, hard-soled, all black plain shoes with a flat sole. Footwear with flashing lights is not appropriate for school. Boots of any kind (including ankle boots) are not allowed. Wellington boots may be worn for outdoor use in adverse weather conditions and specified school trips. Girls may wear all black closed-toed sandals during the Summer Term only. Open-toed sandals should not be worn, even in the Summer Term.

Hats, Headscarves or Head wear
Pupils are not allowed to wear hats, headscarves, or any other head covering inside the school building unless it is due to religious or cultural reasons. Any head covering for religious or cultural values or hair accessories that are worn such as slides, ribbons, bobbles etc. should be simple and in school colours (Black, grey or white).

Pupils’ hair should be neatly groomed and professional at all times. Long hair on both girls and boys should be tied back neatly in school colours (Black, red, grey or white).

This is not only for reasons of smartness, appearance and health and safety: pupils’ faces should not be obscured as the teacher may not be able to judge their engagement with learning and to secure their participation in discussions and practical activities. Pupils may not wear designs or words cut into their hair or permanent or temporary coloured hair.

Fingernail Polish or Make-Up
Pupils are not allowed to wear fingernail polish or false nails. Make-up is not allowed.

Pupils may not wear any jewellery except for earrings as stated above. Please, note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any watches that are lost.

Body Piercing and Tattoos
Body piercing is prohibited, with the exception of a single, standard ear piercing. No other forms of body piercing will be allowed for any pupil. Pupils are not allowed to have tattoos of any kind on their body.

Naming Clothing and Property
VERY IMPORTANT – Please ensure all clothing and property is clearly marked so that lost articles may be easily traced and returned. The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of pupils’ property and valuables.

Lost Property
All mislaid items are placed in the lost property boxes. Please ask the school office if you wish to look through these boxes. We endeavour to return all named property. All unclaimed lost property is disposed of at the end of term and given to a local children’s charity.

Second-hand Uniform
Any unwanted items of uniform may be given to the school office. We will be developing a second hand uniform sale in the future.