Times of the School Day

The School Day

Key Stage



8.35am - 3.05pm

Key Stage 1
(Year 1 and Year 2) and Year 3

8.35am - 3.05pm

Key Stage 2
(Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6)

8.45 am – 3.15pm

Start of the School Day

Children should please arrive for the times stated above as this is when the doors will be opened for children to enter the school.  Children in reception and years one and two will be able to enter the classrooms from their playgrounds. Year three, four, five and six will come into school via the MUGA. Please note that all children should be accompanied and supervised by parent or carer before school. You will always find a member of SLT, as well as other members of staff, on the playground each morning should you wish to speak to someone.

End of the School Day

EYFS and Key Stage 1 children are dismissed from the classroom door and Key Stage 2 children are led out by their teachers who will wait until they make visual contact with a parent or authorised carer that they know and recognise before they hand over your child. Whilst this may take slightly longer, you can be assured that your child will never be released to anyone that we do not know is fully authorised to collect them. For this reason, please introduce us personally to any adult that you wish to be able to collect your child. If you ring the academy office to tell us that someone different is collecting, that you have not previously introduced us to, please share a password with that person. Please also note that no person under the age of eighteen may collect a child from the school. No child below Year 6 may make their own way home. Should your child be in Year 6, and you want them to make their own way home, please provide us with this request in writing to the class teacher. We will not permit any Year 6 child to go home unaccompanied unless we have received this information.